Ryan McGinnis

Ryan McGinnis

Educated in the Hebrew and Greek behind the modern day translations, brought up in the Apostolic Discipleship of Yahoshoa Mashyach

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In the Book of Yahoshoa (Joshua in Latin) in chapters III & IV, Yahweh (Christians call Him "god") tells Yahoshoa to order 12 priests to take up 12 Stones, and lay them in the River Jordan for the People to "Cross over." In the Book of Hebrews, chapter VI verses 1 - 3, the Apostle Barnabas refers to Yahoshoa's "12 stones" as the "12 Principles of Yahoshoa's (Christians call Him "Jesus") Doctrine of Perfection." It is our job, to lay these 12 stones (12 for gradeschool, 12 for college) in the Disciples' lives, to make them Perfect before our Master.

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